Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What to Expect from a Good Cosmetic Dentist in Colorado Springs

This article provides some advice on choosing a good and reputable cosmetic dentist.

Your smile is one of your most important physical assets. It can make or break your confidence in both the professional work environment and social sphere. Not all of us have perfect smiles, though. In fact, most adults could benefit from a little cosmetic improvement, whether it’s a dental whitening here or a veneer there. Here’s what you should expect from a good cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs.

Your Check-List for Top-Notch Service

A good cosmetic dentist can completely change how you feel about your smile and about yourself. They should offer you a handsome suite of procedures to achieve the results you wish, all the while helping you to feel comfortable. You want a beautiful smile that gives you a sense of confidence and happiness. A cosmetic dentist will listen to your goals, align your expectations with what’s achievable and then explain the various options available to you. Once patient and dentist are in agreement, a treatment plan can be drawn up and the journey to smile confidence can begin!

Cosmetic dentist Colorado Springs

A skilled and experienced Colorado Springs cosmetic dentist should provide prospective patients with a portfolio of their work in the form of a “before-and-after” image gallery. This will allow patients to get an idea and feel for what the various treatment options can offer them.

As important as a cosmetic dentist’s qualifications, credentials and experience are, compassion and kindness are at the heart of what they do. A patient’s physical and emotional well-being should always be extremely important to your dentist. This is especially true because a significant number of people tend to suffer from some form or degree of anxiety or fear associated with dental treatment. What you shouldn’t do is find yourself quaking with fear, wondering what’s going to happen next. A good cosmetic dentist will do their best to calm your nerves, even if it means offering you sedation, and keep you informed of what’s happening as the work is progressing.

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Art or Science?

Cosmetic dentistry is first and foremost a science, but there is a fundamental measure of art involved, too! A skilled cosmetic dentist will have a detailed understanding of how your new smile will affect the other features of your face before he or she proceeds. It’s no good having veneers placed to make your teeth look beautiful and symmetrical if your teeth end up looking far too big in your mouth! A good cosmetic dentist will take the time to evaluate the contours of your face to ensure that only the most natural and harmonious outcomes are achieved.

These kinds of decisions are applied at all levels of a cosmetic dentist’s services, from shaping and sizing restorations to choosing their color. The contour of a tooth and how it reflects light is very important - it can mean the difference between a tooth that appears to have a matte and unnatural look and one that is virtually indistinguishable from its neighbors. This is why patients should look for a cosmetic dentist who has extensive training and lots of practical experience.

Other Questions to Ask...

When looking for a suitable cosmetic dentist in Colorado Springs, here are a few other questions you should ask:

  • What kind of post-procedural care do you offer?
  • How long is my restoration/whitening, etc. expected to last?
  • When next should I book an appointment for?
  • What have other patients had to say?

Cosmetic dentistry is built upon the same foundations of general dentistry, but there are subtle differences between the services offered by a cosmetic dentist and a general dentist. It has been compared as the difference between a building contractor and an architect: both build buildings, they just go about it differently! Regardless, make sure the Colorado Springs cosmetic dentist you opt for has the skills and experience to improve your quality of smile!