Monday, December 31, 2012

Advice from Oral Surgeons in Colorado Springs: Your Children and Dental Emergencies, PART 2

This two-part article series provides a brief guide for parents on what to do should they ever find their child in a dental emergency.

How many times have you caught your child running into imminent peril while distracted by something behind them or to the side of them? “Kids have not yet developed that acute sense of environmental awareness that we as adults have,” explain oral surgeons in Colorado Springs. “As a result, they frequently run straight into obstacles or into harm’s way.

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“I’ve seen children who have been hit in the face with a swing, or who have fallen down and caught their teeth on the edge of something hard. It’s always shocking and it’s always traumatic, for both the child and their parent,” say oral surgeons in Colorado Springs.

Dental emergencies, like grazed knees or bruised elbows, are par for the course during childhood. This is why the dentist in Colorado Springs CO always recommends that parents become familiar with the basic guidelines of how to handle such emergencies. In our previous article post, we provided some advice on what to do should your child accidentally chip, break or crack one or more of their teeth. In this article, the second installment, oral surgeons in Colorado Springs shall discuss what to do in a few other common dental emergency situations.

Ask the Dentist in Colorado Springs CO: What do I do?

Advice from Oral Surgeons in Colorado Springs on Lost Fillings or Restorations

Kids love candy and candy is notorious for wreaking havoc on restorations like fillings. If one of these should become dislodged, simply press down some sugar-free gum onto the previously restored surface of the tooth. “You must use sugar-free gum,” say oral surgeons in Colorado Springs. “Sugared gum will hurt!” Then, you must make that all-important call to the dentist in Colorado Springs. Only a dental professional can properly repair the damage. Remember, the longer you leave it, the greater the risk is of bacteria and food debris accumulating in the cavity.

If the lost restoration was something larger, like a crown, retrieve it and make an appointment with the dentist in Colorado Springs as soon as possible.

Advice from Oral Surgeons in Colorado Springs on Soft Tissue Injuries

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Trauma to the soft tissues in the mouth - the gums, cheeks, lips and tongue - can cause profuse bleeding. So, according to oral surgeons in Colorado Springs, your first priority is to stop bleeding so that your child doesn’t get ill from ingesting it:

i. Rinse their mouth with warm, salted water

ii. Place a folded square of moistened gauze or even a teabag onto the wound and ask your child to gently bite down,” says the dentist in Colorado Springs. “This should stop the bleeding after five to 10 minutes, but to be certain, keep it in place for 20 minutes.”

iii. Place a cold compress on the cheek immediately outside the injury.

iv. Seek medical attention immediately. You may require stitches and oral surgeons in Colorado Springs will want to make sure that the underlying bone hasn’t been damaged.

Advice from Oral Surgeons in Colorado Springs on Knocked-out Teeth

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“The process for teeth that have become totally dislodged is fairly simple to that for chipped or cracked teeth,” say oral surgeons in Colorado Springs:

i. Find the tooth if possible and rinse it off holding it by the crown. Do not scrub the tooth clean!

ii. If you can, try to gently reinsert the tooth in its socket. If it doesn’t fit back neatly, do not force it. Rather put it in a glass of milk, lightly salty water or even saliva.

iii. See your dentist in Colorado Springs immediately. Your child stands a chance of having their tooth reattached if you seek immediate professional attention.

And remember: stay calm, don’t panic!