Monday, November 12, 2012

Four of the Worst Dental Procedures Demystified by the Dentist in Colorado Springs, PART 6

This six-part article series answers questions about four dental procedures that carry a reputation for being the most traumatic and painful: tooth extractions, root canals, orthodontic braces and dental implants.

Welcome to the final installment of our 6-part article series. During the course of this series, dentists in Colorado Springs answered the frequently asked questions of patients that harbor concerns regarding the four most feared of all dental procedures: tooth extractions, orthodontic braces, root canal therapy and dental implants. In this article, we shall end the series by reiterating four important points that were made in the introductory article.

Dentists in Colorado Springs: Addressing Your Fear, Anxiety and Stress

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It is perfectly natural to feel nervous or anxious about a dental procedure or surgery, say dentists in Colorado Springs. It’s when that fear and anxiety prevents a patient from receiving the treatment they need to have their oral health and hygiene restored to a decent standard that a wake-up call becomes necessary. Certain dental procedures, more so than others, carry a reputation for being painful. But this reputation is more a product of Hollywood hyperbole and embellishment than reality, explain dentists in Colorado Springs.

The procedures discussed throughout the course of this article series do indeed cause a measure of post-operative pain and discomfort. The recovery periods incurred by having a root canal performed or a dental implant placed do require patients to rest up for a day or two. But if you entrust your health to qualified and experienced dentists in Colorado Springs, you have no reason to fear these four procedures; and no reason to put your oral health in grave risk by avoiding them.

Four Important Points to Remember About Dental Treatment:

1. The procedures recommended by dentists in Colorado Springs – even the ‘scary’ ones - are recommended for a reason. Education and experience together dictate the best course of action necessary to restore your oral health and to give your entire mouth the best shot it has at making a complete recovery. This may require the placement of a dental implant or the extraction of a severely decayed tooth. Dentists in Colorado Springs are not interested in hurting or punishing you, even if you’ve been naughty about looking after your teeth. They have only your oral health’s interests in mind and they will do whatever it takes to save your teeth. And dentists in Colorado Springs do this in a way that is comfortable and affordable for you, the patient.

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2. All invasive dental procedures will cause a measure of pain and discomfort. But dentists in Colorado Springs will never perform them on a patient without the effects of local or general anesthesia. Of course the idea that you’re about to go ‘under the knife’ is a terrifying one, say dentists in Colorado Springs. But we always do everything necessary to ensure a patient’s complete comfort. Anesthesia effectively prevents a patient from experiencing any pain, while sedative medications can be used to dull the stress and nerves associated with such procedures, explain dentists in Colorado Springs. Post-operative pain is totally manageable with prescription pain-killers and even then, seldom lasts for more than a few days.

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3. So you’ve been told that you require a root canal procedure. Or that a severely damaged tooth needs to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. Do you know what helps those pre-procedural nerves better than anything? A bit of an education, say dentists in Colorado Springs! Understanding the nature of the procedure you are about to undergo, why it is necessary and how it is going to make you healthier better equips you psychologically to cope with any fear and anxiety.  Also, knowing what your options for pain and stress management are will make you feel safer and more comfortable, explain dentists Colorado Springs.

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4. The last important point - but certainly not the least - is that you must learn from your mistakes! Most of the procedures that have a bad reputation for pain and discomfort are necessitated by lifelong poor oral hygiene and bad habits, such as smoking, teeth grinding and general dental abuse and misuse. The patients who look after their teeth properly and go for appointments with dentists in Colorado Springs are far more likely to keep their teeth for life than those who don’t. Prevention is better than cure! And it costs a whole lot less too!