Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Top Teeth Staining Offenders According to the Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentist

This article presents and discusses the foods, drinks and habits that lead to the discoloration of dental enamel.

Discolored teeth are a reality of modern day living, even though our standards of oral hygiene and home dental care are exponentially higher than they were 100 years ago. While discolored teeth are not necessarily unhealthy – after all, dark berries, which are good for you, can lead to the staining of your dental enamel – they certainly compromise the quality of your smile. We know about smoking and coffee-drinking, but many of the other foods and drinks that cause teeth staining are ones we would never suspect! So, without further ado, here are the worst offenders according to qualified and experienced professionals in Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Rogers and Dr. Bull. Please note that these are not presented in any order.

Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Staining, # 1: Coffee and Tea

Colorado Springs Cosmetic DentistAccording to the Colorado Springs cosmetic dentist, that cup of coffee or tea in the morning does more than just give you the energy to face the day. Coffee and tea, especially enjoyed black, is one of the worst offenders when it comes to teeth discoloration. Since quitting coffee is out of the question (for most people anyway) the best way to combat coffee stains is to reduce intake, especially if you’re on more than three cups a day. Also, add milk (skim milk if you’re diet conscious) and chase your caffeine boost with some water to rinse your pearly whites.

Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Staining: Cola

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that dark-colored soft drinks are a major cause of tooth staining, says the Colorado Springs cosmetic dentist. They’re also full of sugar and acid, which renders your pearly whites more vulnerable to bacterial infection. If you value the health and aesthetics of your smile, it is absolutely best to wean yourself off of your addiction to Big Gulps.

Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Staining: Red Wine

Yes, we know… all the best things in life are bad Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistryfor you! The effects of red wine on our teeth are instantly visible, although not permanent in the short term. It only takes a glass or two to visibly dim the color of your teeth, turning them a comical shade of purple. This is certainly something we’d like to avoid on a first date! But according to the Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry, red wine is rich in polyphenols that cause staining of the dental enamel and, strangely enough, prevent periodontal (gum) disease! Red wine, however, is also incredibly acidic, which softens the protective outer layer of your teeth, making it more vulnerable to staining and erosion. Colorado Springs cosmetic dentists generally suggest that you either switch to white wine, or drink plenty of water with your red (this will also help prevent a hangover!)

Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Staining: Condiments (Soy Sauce, Balsamic Vinegar and ketchup)

Ketchup, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce are ubiquitous items in any kitchen pantry and fridge. Due to the pigments in these condiments, they too are teeth staining offenders. Since French fries just aren’t the same without a dollop of ketchup, the best you can do is to avoid chronic over-indulgence. Besides, it’s not good manners to slather that beautiful filet mignon with ketchup.

Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Staining: Cranberry Juice

The health benefits of cranberry juice (and other dark-colored juices) are beyond reproach, but this doesn’t prevent them from dimming your smile. The best you can do is to try and rinse your mouth out with water after enjoying a glass. This, according to the Colorado Springs cosmetic dentist, will at least keep the staining at bay.

Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Staining: Tobacco

Perhaps the least surprising of all the top teeth staining offenders – and the worst too - is tobacco smoking. Quit the ciggies and you’ll not only avoid the accumulation of those nasty nicotine stains, but also the tooth discoloration caused by gum disease, advise experienced Colorado Springs cosmetic dentists, Dr. Rogers and Dr. Bull.