Monday, May 21, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions About Colorado Springs Cosmetic Dentistry

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This article addresses some of the questions frequently asked by patients interested in undergoing cosmetic procedures and treatments to improve their smile aesthetics.

When it comes to Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry, most of us are bursting with questions because, as healthy as your teeth may be, there are always improvements we imagine can be made! Whether you would like your teeth to be a shade lighter, a chipped tooth restored or even an entire tooth replaced, professionals in Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry are skilled and experienced in the full suite of aesthetic procedures and treatments designed to restore utter perfection to all kinds of smiles.

For your information, here are some of the most frequently asked questions this qualified and experienced professional in Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry receives from patients looking to improve upon their oral esthetics:

Question 1: If I wanted to lighten the color of my teeth, could I just buy an over-the-counter tooth whitening treatment?

Answer: Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistryThe short answer is ‘yes’, of course you could, but there are certain considerations you should take some time to mull over. Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to providing individualized treatment for each and every patient, so the results you are going to achieve will be more natural and more beautiful as well as having a much reduced risk of any possible complications. What complications? Well, in all the products used to whiten your teeth, there is a bleaching agent to which the soft tissue surrounding your teeth – the gums – may have an allergic reaction to. Symptoms can vary from mild inflammation and sensitivity to actual burns that are very sore! It is for this reason that we prefer you to receive professional attention from professionals in Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry, or at least to ask us which off-the-shelf teeth whitening treatment will be most gentle on your gums. You should also be very clear on the dosage and frequency with which you use these treatments.

Question 2: Does Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry provide cosmetic solutions for gums as well as teeth?

Answer: Absolutely! A fundamental component of a beautiful smile is healthy pink gums and an even gum line. Many patients appeal to professionals in Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry for solutions to gums that have either receded from the teeth to expose the darker roots underneath, or encroached upon them resulting in a ‘gummy smile’. There are all sorts of reasons why this can occur, but ultimately there are many different cosmetic procedures that can be used to restore evenness and symmetry to the gum line.

  • Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry can recommend gum grafts to encourage the gums to grow to cover the correct length of the tooth in cases where they have receded.
  • Crown lengthening can be used to remove excess soft tissue where it has encroached upon the tooth, making it look short and ‘stubby’.

Question 3: Can Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry cover up the damage done by tooth decay?

Answer: Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistIt is at the heart of dentistry – regardless of the specialized branch – to eliminate problems relating to oral health. Tooth decay is a major problem that not only affects the quality of your smile, but also your oral and general health! For this reason, professionals in Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry will correct the underlying cause of marred tooth/teeth before camouflaging the damage done.

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