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Dentures in Colorado Springs: Challenges and Superior Tooth-Loss Solutions, PART 1

This article, part 1 of 2, explores the many challenges associated with removable dentures. The second installment then goes on to recommend dental implants as a superior teeth replacement solution.

Once upon a time, your grandfather’s removable dentures in Colorado Springs were an object of fascination and hilarity. You would sneak them out of the cupboard underneath your grand parent’s bathroom sink, hold them in front of your mouth and pretend to speak with them, eliciting squeals of laughter from your siblings. You may have even shoved them in your mouth, much to the desperate disapproval of your mother: “Get those out of your mouth right now!” But, decades later, you now face the need for a tooth replacement technology and in a beautiful demonstration of karma or some epic shifting of the tables; you discover just how much of a laughing matter dentures in Colorado Springs aren’t!

Dentures in Colorado Springs: Challenges and Repeated Expenses

Dentures Colorado SpringsRemovable dentures in Colorado Springs have long offered a seemingly economical solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism (not having a single original adult tooth left). They essentially consist of a rigid structure of plastic that is fabricated to sit snugly against the jaw bone ridge of the upper and lower dental arches in the mouth, say Colorado dentists. Once placed, they resemble a complete set of healthy teeth, and enable patients to eat most foods. However, beneath the facade of a healthy-looking smile lie endless challenges and repeated expenses that ultimately render dentures in Colorado Springs a poor investment in one’s long term oral health and smile aesthetics.

  • Removable dentures in Colorado Springs transmit the forces associated with eating and chewing directly to the underlying soft gum tissue. This causes much pain and discomfort for the patient, say Colorado dentists, as well as the development of sores that aren’t permitted to heal. This necessitates the need for anesthetic gels; an expense that patients will need to cover as long as they wear dentures in Colorado Springs.
  • Dentures in Colorado Springs are not permanently anchored in the mouth, so they can shift around and even fall out; usually at the most inopportune moments too, say Colorado dentists. Because they are loose in the mouth, dentures can make eating and speaking quite a challenge. While adhesives can be used for added stability, they too are just another expense patients need to cover.
  • The afore-mentioned problem is compounded by the face that dentures in Colorado Springs do nothing to promote the health of the underlying jaw bone, which, as a result of the absence of the tooth roots, begins to atrophy and waste away. Because the jaw bone loses volume over time, say Colorado dentists, dentures that once fit snugly begin to slip more and more, making eating and speaking increasingly difficult and uncomfortable. This necessitates a refitting of dentures in Colorado Springs every few years or so, which is not only costly, but is essentially a death sentence to one’s natural youthful facial contours. Dentures Colorado Springs
  • Removable dentures in Colorado Springs need to be taken out after every meal and at night time for cleaning; a laborious process that can also become a social embarrassment.
  •  According to Colorado dentists, dentures serve as a natural trap for food debris and bacteria, rendering them unhygienic (if not strictly kept clean) and can cause bad breath.
  • Dentures in Colorado Springs also impede one’s ability to taste properly and can even trigger a patient’s gag reflex!
Removable Dentures in Colorado Springs: Concluding Remark
All of these challenges and repeated expenses simply render removable dentures in Colorado Springs an inferior tooth replacement solution. Thankfully, dental implants offer a much more sophisticated and long term solution to multiple missing teeth and edentulism. For more information on these ingenious dental devices and how they compare with dentures, stay tuned for the second installment of this two-part article series, courtesy of qualified and experienced Colorado dentists, Dr. Rogers and Dr. Bull.

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