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The Pueblo Dentist on Dental Implants: Superior Teeth Replacement Solution, PART 2

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This article, part 2 of 4, takes a comprehensive look at the benefits of dental implants as a tooth replacement solution over traditional removable dentures.

In our previous article post, this Pueblo dentist began discussing how dental implants offer a superior tooth replacement solution to traditional removable dentures; an archaic dental technology. The first point covered was bite functionality, with dental implants making it possible for patients to bite down with a far stronger force, thus enabling them to eat all the foods they love and need to remain strong and healthy. It was also mentioned that dental implants allow for a much more comfortable and natural-feeling bite. In this article, the second instalment of a four-part series, the Pueblo dentist will move on to discuss the benefits afforded by dental implants as far as oral comfort and costs are concerned.
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Dental Implants Versus Removable Dentures: Oral Comfort

One of the biggest problems with removable dentures, says the Pueblo dentist, is that they rely upon the gums and the underlying jaw bone ridge for support and stability. This means that every time you bite down, the associated forces that would traditionally be transmitted to the jaw bone are instead transmitted to the gums. Now, as you may imagine, this soft tissue was not ever meant to withstand the forces associated with chewing and as a result – especially if the removable dentures are loose-fitting – eating can become acutely uncomfortable, says the Pueblo dentist. The gums can become chronically inflamed and sore making eating an exercise in pain tolerance rather than pleasure! Dental implants, on the other hand, rely directly upon the jaw bone for support, just like your natural teeth once used to. So, eating feels completely natural and the gums are left healthy and without constant irritation.

Another factor to consider when discussing oral comfort, says the Pueblo dentist, is self-confidence. Eating and speaking with removable dentures can cause acute social embarrassment, especially if they are loose-fitting and move around a lot. Having to take them out to clean them is yet another reason patients feel uncomfortable about having a removable tooth replacement solution. Because dental implants function, feel and look just like natural teeth, patients feel far more comfortable and self-confident, in both a professional and social environment, says the Pueblo dentist. This makes dental implants a far more sophisticated teeth replacement solution as far as oral comfort is concerned!
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Dental Implants Versus Removable Dentures: Costs

The fact that dental implants can work out to be less expensive than removable dentures can be surprising to many, says the Pueblo dentist. After all, the primary reason people opt for false teeth in the first place is because they think it offers a cheaper tooth replacement solution. But if you consider the repeated expenses involved in wearing removable dentures, as well as the toll they take on one’s quality of life, dental implants indeed work out to be a smarter and far more beneficial investment. Dentures, says the Pueblo dentist, incur the costs of the following repeated expenses:

  • Aesthetic gels for the pain and discomfort associated with eating and ill-fitting dentures,
  • Adhesives to prevent dentures from slipping and shifting around,
  • Cleaning agents, accessories and storage containers,
  • The need for expensive refitting every few years or so as the bone tissue in the jaw atrophies and wastes away, says the Pueblo dentist.
Dental implants offer a comprehensive and long term tooth replacement solution; one that can last as many as 20, 30 and more years; very seldom with the need for restorative work. In other words, says the Pueblo dentist, they offer patients a one-time solution requiring a one-time investment.

The Pueblo Dentist on Dental Implants: Stay Tuned

In our next article instalment of this four-part series, the Pueblo dentist shall be taking a look at how dental implants offer patients a tooth replacement solution that is far more aesthetically pleasing

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