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Pueblo Dental Implants: Superior Tooth Replacement Solution, PART 1

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This article, part 1 of 4, takes a comprehensive look at the benefits of dental implants as a tooth replacement solution over traditional removable dentures.

Pueblo Dental Implants: An Introduction to Tooth Loss

It is quite morbidly said that there are two things that are inevitable in life: death and taxes. Whoever came up with this adage forgot to mention another of life’s inevitabilities: tooth loss. As we get older, our mouths become more and more vulnerable to the array of conditions and diseases that cause tooth loss. Since no one could possibly keep their mouth completely free of bacteria, oral infection and decay (both isolated and pervasive) are things that we all struggle with at some stage during our life. The traditional solution to tooth loss is removable dentures; a rigid plastic structure of artificial teeth that are fabricated to fit over the gums and palate. However, what only those who have had to struggle with removable dentures could know is that this archaic technology comes hand-in-hand with a great number of challenges and associated repeat expenses.

Pueblo Dental Implants: A Modern Day Tooth Replacement Solution

Pueblo dental implants are the 21st Century solution Pueblo dental implants to tooth loss and edentulism; not having any of your original adult teeth left. Although they require a greater initial investment by the patient, in the long run, they take out far less of a toll on one’s quality of life and bank account. In order to really understand how Pueblo dental implants offer a superior tooth replacement solution to removable dentures, we will, in this four-part article series, be exploring the benefits and advantages offered by this modern miracle of technology! Armed with this higher understanding, you can then go on to make an informed decision that is most beneficial to your oral health and unique needs.

Pueblo Dental Implants versus Removable Dentures: Bite Functionality

Let’s begin with a look at the most important function of our teeth; chewing, biting and grinding food. Did you know that tooth loss is intimately linked with a lack of nutrition simply because people are not able to eat all the foods they need to remain healthy and strong? This is especially a problem amongst the elderly. While removable dentures should enable a patient to eat properly, over time and with bone loss in the jaw (something that will be explored later on in this article series), they Dental implants cease to fit properly. As such, they begin to slip and shift around in the mouth, making it increasingly difficult for patients to eat properly and to manage certain foods. Acute oral discomfort – caused by the transmission of bite forces to the underlying soft tissue - also makes it hard for patients to eat all the foods they love, simply because it hurts too much!

Pueblo dental implants, on the other hand, feel and function just like natural teeth because they are inserted directly into the jaw where they actually form a strong biological bond with the bone tissue. This may sound painful, but in reality, once healing has occurred, Pueblo dental implants feel as natural and comfortable as any of your other adult teeth. This enables patients to bite down with a stronger force and as such, to eat all kinds of different foods, from a succulent steak to healthy crunchy vegetables.

Pueblo Dental Implants: Stay Tuned

In our next article installment of this four-part series, we shall be taking a look at how Pueblo dental implants offer patients a tooth replacement solution that is more comfortable and, in the long term, cheaper than traditional removable dentures.

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