Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Advice from Colorado Springs Dentists: Treating Tooth Discoloration

This article explores the undesirable aesthetic effects of tooth staining and the whitening/bleaching treatments offered by dentists.
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Tooth staining is inevitable with the marching on of the years say Colorado Springs dentists. Your pearly whites may have been, well, pearly white in your early adulthood, but the toll of your love for espresso is beginning to show itself a little too clearly now. The bottom line is this: no one wants to reveal evidence of their life’s journey in the quality of their smile. How many coffees you have consumed, cigarettes smoked, glasses of red wine indulged in, etc. is information that your smile just shouldn’t divulge! Unfortunately, no amount of brushing can erase tooth staining, say Colorado Springs dentists. Unfortunately, too, discolored teeth have a substantially negative impact upon the quality of one’s overall smile esthetics. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is something you can do to lift the dark stains of coffees past… and the results of teeth whitening in Colorado Springs speak very much for themselves!

Colorado Springs Dentists
Colorado Springs Dentists: About Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is one of the least expensive, simplest and quickest of all the cosmetic treatments in the arsenals of Colorado Springs dentists. It generally involves the daily application of a bleaching gel to the surface of the teeth using a customized mouth tray. This is fabricated in the office of Colorado Springs dentists from molds that have been taken of your teeth. How long you need to wear the mouth tray for each day and over what period of time is something that will be determined during your appointment.

Colorado Springs Dentists versus Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Many people opt for over-the-counter whitening products, believing that they can achieve the same results for a lesser price. However, if you are serious about getting a bright and healthy smile, then there is no better route than professional teeth whitening in Colorado Springs. Not only is the concentration of bleaching gel given by Colorado Springs dentists greater, but the entire process will be carefully monitored, ensuring that you achieve perfectly natural results. One of the risks involved in the whitening process is teeth sensitivity, which is the body’s natural reaction to the bleaching agents. By receiving this treatment from Colorado Springs dentists, the risk of teeth sensitivity can be much reduced and handled effectively should it become a problem.

Teeth Whitening in Colorado Springs: Award-Winning Smiles

Teeth whitening in Colorado Springs
A life without exposure to staining foods and drinks can be a dull one indeed (no pun intended). No coffee, no tea, no evening glass of red wine, no dark colas, no balsamic vinegar, no cranberry juice… in fact, the regular consumption of any substance that naturally has a dark color can cause staining. However, tooth discoloration can also be caused by certain medications, say Colorado Springs dentists. It can also be genetic. But regardless of the cause, teeth whitening in Colorado Springs offers a quick and natural solution; one that will lift and brighten the quality of your smile in a matter of days. Just remember this, say Colorado Springs dentists: if your smile is important to you, then you should do more than just remedy the symptoms of tooth discoloration… try to remove the cause, especially if it is tobacco use and excessive coffee drinking. You’ll find the health benefits to extend far beyond the color of your teeth!