Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Say Goodbye to Dentures in Pueblo with Implant Teeth Protocol

This article describes the ‘All-on-4’ dental implant protocol, how it works and the various benefits it makes possible over traditional removable dentures.
Sterling L Rogers DDS
Removable dentures in Pueblo… an object of fascination for those too young to know any different and a symbol of endless challenge for those who have lost most, if not all, of their original adult teeth. Dentures in Pueblo were once considered the best tooth replacement technology for patients suffering from rampant tooth loss and edentulism (toothlessness). This state is usually a result of periodontal disease; an acute and chronic bacterial infection of the gums surrounding the teeth and the underlying jaw bone. Before implant teeth could be used to support a fully customized and fixed prosthetic bridge, removable dentures in Pueblo were accepted as the course of action for those facing an immediate future of edentulism. But, with the incredible capabilities of modern dentistry, patients are now able to get a brand new set of permanent replacement teeth in as little as a single day!
The All-on-4 Implant Teeth Protocol
Dentures in Pueblo
The technique, which is aptly named the ‘All-on-4’, involves the placement of only four implant teeth to which a rigid and non-removable prosthetic structure is attached. This structure looks like a set of healthy teeth and is carefully fabricated to perfectly fit the natural contours of the patient’s mouth and jawbone ridge. While the bridge may resemble removable dentures in Pueblo, it lacks the additional regions of peripheral mass, which are used to provide stability and anchorage. As such, the ‘All-on-4’ bridge feels far more natural in the mouth, fits far more comfortably and does not cause the unnatural facial aesthetics typically associated with denture-wearers and the elderly.
Benefits of ‘All-on-4’ Implant Teeth over Traditional Dentures in Pueblo

Implant Teeth

The benefits of ‘All-on-4’ implant teeth extend far beyond comfort and aesthetics alone; although for those who have had to suffer the complex challenges and repeated expenses of dentures in Pueblo, concerns of aesthetic and comfort are incredibly important! This dental implant protocol offers other advantages over removable dentures in Pueblo, including:

• The protocol involves the placement of fixed dentures in Pueblo on eight implant teeth (in total; four per jaw) and as such, it provides a long term and non-removable solution to tooth loss and edentulism.

• The ‘All-on-4’ bridge cannot shift around or fall out and does not harbor bacteria causing bad breath. Furthermore, it does not impede one’s ability to taste nor does it trigger the gag reflex as removable dentures in Pueblo tend to.

• The ‘All-on-4’ bridge is supported by implant teeth, which garner full support from the underlying jaw bone. Removable dentures in Pueblo, on the other hand, rely on the gums for support and the pressure they apply causes pain, discomfort and the development of sores that are not given a chance to heal.

• Removable dentures necessitate messy adhesives, anesthetic gels, cleaning agents and refitting every few years or so as a result of unimpeded bone loss in the jaw.

‘All-on-4’ teeth implants largely overcome this last problem due to the precise angulation and placement of implants in the jaw bone. Even in patients presenting with advanced bone loss in the jaw, the dentist is almost always able to bypass the need for bone grafting. As such, with ‘All-on-4’ dentures in Pueblo, patients can receive a new set of aesthetic and immediately functional teeth in as little as a single day!