Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pueblo Dental Implants: Enjoying Forbidden Fruits… and Food

This article explores what dental implants are and how they enable patients to eat all the foods they love, but previously couldn’t with inferior tooth replacement technology.

Pueblo dental implants offer patients presenting with single and multiple missing teeth with a fantastic solution. Our teeth are by no means a permanent anatomical feature and it is only those people who have lost one or more of their original pearly whites that can truly appreciate the challenges involved in finding a suitable tooth replacement solution. Pueblo dental bridges are capable of ‘filling the gap’ left by the missing tooth, but this comes at the expense of the adjacent, perfectly healthy teeth. Removable dentures are reserved for those that are either already edentulous (toothless) or facing an immediate future of edentulism and they are quite notorious for their short-comings and challenges. At the end of the day, a tooth replacement solution needs to look, feel and function like the original healthy tooth you lost … and this is what Pueblo dental implant teeth are able to accomplish!

Pueblo Dental Implant Teeth: What Are They?

Pueblo dental implants are essentially free-standing artificial tooth roots that have been carefully engineered to fit into the tooth socket/s left bare by the missing tooth or teeth. They are crafted from the exceptionally strong, non-corrosive and stable metal titanium… also infamous for its use in the manufacturing of space craft and professional tennis racquets (yes, it’s that strong and that lightweight!) But the real reason behind the effectiveness of titanium metal as a tooth replacement material is its ability to biologically fuse with bone tissue; an important scientific discovery made by Swedish orthopedic surgeon Professor Per-Ingvar Brånemark in 1951. This phenomenon, termed ‘osseointegration’, essentially enables Pueblo dental implant teeth to bond with the underlying bone tissue and remain permanently ‘rooted’ in the jaw!

To the top of the titanium Pueblo dental implant, a durable and esthetic tooth crown is affixed and the results: a tooth replacement that functions, feels and is virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth is it replacing.

Pueblo Dental Implant Teeth and Functionality

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits that patients with Pueblo dental implant teeth comment on is their ability to eat all the foods they love, but previously couldn’t with inferior tooth replacement technology. Even biting into an apple can be a game of chance with an archaic technology such as removable dentures. While Pueblo dental bridges can offer a sophisticated solution to single missing teeth, they simply cannot match the longevity and incredible strength of titanium Pueblo dental implant teeth. So all those foods patients previously shunned – steaks, crunchy fruits, popcorn, fresh vegetables – are no longer forbidden. Once Pueblo dental implant teeth have properly healed, patients are actually able to return to their normal lives; as if they had never lost one of their original teeth in the first place.

Pueblo Dental Implant Teeth: A Final Note

It is incredibly important that, should you ever lose one or more of your original teeth to any of a myriad of causes, you seek immediate attention from your dentist. Pueblo dental implant teeth offer a comprehensive and long-term solution, but the longer you leave your tooth socket bare, the greater your risk of bacterial infection and jaw bone atrophy.