Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ask the Colorado Springs Dentists: All About Dental Implants

This article explores some of the key questions relating to dental implants, from what they are to their advantages and placement protocol.

Colorado Springs Dental Implants: What are they?

If you find yourself with a missing tooth, or one that has become so damaged and decayed that it requires extraction, which root (pun intended) do you go? To put your mind at ease, the best and most comprehensive solution is offered by Colorado Springs dentists. Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots made from titanium, which are surgically placed into the jaw bone by specially trained and qualified Colorado Springs dentists.

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What are the Advantages of Colorado Springs Dental Implants?

There are a great number and diversity of advantages and benefits afforded by Colorado Springs dental implants. Not only do they promote the health of the underlying jaw bone and prevent infection from settling into the exposed tooth socket, but they are also virtually indistinguishable from any natural healthy tooth. Furthermore, Colorado Springs dentists explain that the jawbone at the site/s of the missing tooth is prevented from atrophying (shrinking from a lack of stimulation by the tooth root). As a result, that aged, caved-in appearance around the mouth is prevented from developing… oral aesthetics we typically associate with the elderly and denture-wearers.

When Colorado Springs dentists place implants, the adjacent teeth are not affected as they are with the use of crowns and dental bridges. Furthermore, because Colorado Springs dentists place these devices in the jaw, where they subsequently form a strong biological bond with the bone, dental implants feel just like natural healthy teeth, and function like them too! With all these benefits, patients are able to smile again with the confidence they thought they had lost along with their missing tooth or teeth!

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What is the Procedure Followed by Colorado Springs Dentists?

In order to have implants placed, X-rays and molds are taken of the jaw and teeth. This aids in the detailed planning of the procedure used to place Colorado Springs dental implants. The dentist will then determine how much, if any, bone loss has taken place and whether bone grafting is necessary. Once a surgical guide has been made based upon a model of your mouth, the implant/s will be placed into a predrilled socket at the site/s of the missing tooth or teeth. Patients are generally anesthetized for the placement of Colorado Springs dental implants using intravenous sedation.

Colorado Springs Dentists: What Happens Once the Implants Have Been Placed?

Post-operative healing can take anywhere between five weeks to six months for the jaw bone to grow tightly around the implant (a process called ‘osseointegration’). While this is taking place, Colorado Springs dentists will place temporary crowns so that you don’t leave the practice with any embarrassing gaps in your smile! Once osseointegration has successfully occurred, you will be required to return to the Colorado Springs dentists to have your permanent implants placed and advised as to how to care for your new replacement teeth.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Say Goodbye to Dentures in Pueblo with Implant Teeth Protocol

This article describes the ‘All-on-4’ dental implant protocol, how it works and the various benefits it makes possible over traditional removable dentures.
Sterling L Rogers DDS
Removable dentures in Pueblo… an object of fascination for those too young to know any different and a symbol of endless challenge for those who have lost most, if not all, of their original adult teeth. Dentures in Pueblo were once considered the best tooth replacement technology for patients suffering from rampant tooth loss and edentulism (toothlessness). This state is usually a result of periodontal disease; an acute and chronic bacterial infection of the gums surrounding the teeth and the underlying jaw bone. Before implant teeth could be used to support a fully customized and fixed prosthetic bridge, removable dentures in Pueblo were accepted as the course of action for those facing an immediate future of edentulism. But, with the incredible capabilities of modern dentistry, patients are now able to get a brand new set of permanent replacement teeth in as little as a single day!
The All-on-4 Implant Teeth Protocol
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The technique, which is aptly named the ‘All-on-4’, involves the placement of only four implant teeth to which a rigid and non-removable prosthetic structure is attached. This structure looks like a set of healthy teeth and is carefully fabricated to perfectly fit the natural contours of the patient’s mouth and jawbone ridge. While the bridge may resemble removable dentures in Pueblo, it lacks the additional regions of peripheral mass, which are used to provide stability and anchorage. As such, the ‘All-on-4’ bridge feels far more natural in the mouth, fits far more comfortably and does not cause the unnatural facial aesthetics typically associated with denture-wearers and the elderly.
Benefits of ‘All-on-4’ Implant Teeth over Traditional Dentures in Pueblo

Implant Teeth

The benefits of ‘All-on-4’ implant teeth extend far beyond comfort and aesthetics alone; although for those who have had to suffer the complex challenges and repeated expenses of dentures in Pueblo, concerns of aesthetic and comfort are incredibly important! This dental implant protocol offers other advantages over removable dentures in Pueblo, including:

• The protocol involves the placement of fixed dentures in Pueblo on eight implant teeth (in total; four per jaw) and as such, it provides a long term and non-removable solution to tooth loss and edentulism.

• The ‘All-on-4’ bridge cannot shift around or fall out and does not harbor bacteria causing bad breath. Furthermore, it does not impede one’s ability to taste nor does it trigger the gag reflex as removable dentures in Pueblo tend to.

• The ‘All-on-4’ bridge is supported by implant teeth, which garner full support from the underlying jaw bone. Removable dentures in Pueblo, on the other hand, rely on the gums for support and the pressure they apply causes pain, discomfort and the development of sores that are not given a chance to heal.

• Removable dentures necessitate messy adhesives, anesthetic gels, cleaning agents and refitting every few years or so as a result of unimpeded bone loss in the jaw.

‘All-on-4’ teeth implants largely overcome this last problem due to the precise angulation and placement of implants in the jaw bone. Even in patients presenting with advanced bone loss in the jaw, the dentist is almost always able to bypass the need for bone grafting. As such, with ‘All-on-4’ dentures in Pueblo, patients can receive a new set of aesthetic and immediately functional teeth in as little as a single day!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pueblo Dental Implants: Enjoying Forbidden Fruits… and Food

This article explores what dental implants are and how they enable patients to eat all the foods they love, but previously couldn’t with inferior tooth replacement technology.

Pueblo dental implants offer patients presenting with single and multiple missing teeth with a fantastic solution. Our teeth are by no means a permanent anatomical feature and it is only those people who have lost one or more of their original pearly whites that can truly appreciate the challenges involved in finding a suitable tooth replacement solution. Pueblo dental bridges are capable of ‘filling the gap’ left by the missing tooth, but this comes at the expense of the adjacent, perfectly healthy teeth. Removable dentures are reserved for those that are either already edentulous (toothless) or facing an immediate future of edentulism and they are quite notorious for their short-comings and challenges. At the end of the day, a tooth replacement solution needs to look, feel and function like the original healthy tooth you lost … and this is what Pueblo dental implant teeth are able to accomplish!

Pueblo Dental Implant Teeth: What Are They?

Pueblo dental implants are essentially free-standing artificial tooth roots that have been carefully engineered to fit into the tooth socket/s left bare by the missing tooth or teeth. They are crafted from the exceptionally strong, non-corrosive and stable metal titanium… also infamous for its use in the manufacturing of space craft and professional tennis racquets (yes, it’s that strong and that lightweight!) But the real reason behind the effectiveness of titanium metal as a tooth replacement material is its ability to biologically fuse with bone tissue; an important scientific discovery made by Swedish orthopedic surgeon Professor Per-Ingvar BrÃ¥nemark in 1951. This phenomenon, termed ‘osseointegration’, essentially enables Pueblo dental implant teeth to bond with the underlying bone tissue and remain permanently ‘rooted’ in the jaw!

To the top of the titanium Pueblo dental implant, a durable and esthetic tooth crown is affixed and the results: a tooth replacement that functions, feels and is virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth is it replacing.

Pueblo Dental Implant Teeth and Functionality

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits that patients with Pueblo dental implant teeth comment on is their ability to eat all the foods they love, but previously couldn’t with inferior tooth replacement technology. Even biting into an apple can be a game of chance with an archaic technology such as removable dentures. While Pueblo dental bridges can offer a sophisticated solution to single missing teeth, they simply cannot match the longevity and incredible strength of titanium Pueblo dental implant teeth. So all those foods patients previously shunned – steaks, crunchy fruits, popcorn, fresh vegetables – are no longer forbidden. Once Pueblo dental implant teeth have properly healed, patients are actually able to return to their normal lives; as if they had never lost one of their original teeth in the first place.

Pueblo Dental Implant Teeth: A Final Note

It is incredibly important that, should you ever lose one or more of your original teeth to any of a myriad of causes, you seek immediate attention from your dentist. Pueblo dental implant teeth offer a comprehensive and long-term solution, but the longer you leave your tooth socket bare, the greater your risk of bacterial infection and jaw bone atrophy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Restoring Perfect Smile Esthetics in Colorado Springs

This article explores the various options patients with poor oral esthetics can choose in order to restore cracked, chipped and discolored teeth, or replace missing teeth.

Esthetics in Colorado Springs is a primary concern of patients who make their bi-annual pilgrimage to Colorado dentists. The inexorable marching on of the years not only sees our once pearly whites fade to a less attractive shade of yellow, and in some cases, brown, but the risk of serious oral ailments such as periodontal (gum) disease becomes even greater. As such, it is imperative that we maintain a high standard of oral hygiene while making (and keeping) those regular appointments with Colorado dentists… that is, if you value your oral esthetics in Colorado Springs!

Poor Oral Esthetics in Colorado Springs: Knowing Your Options

Colorado dentists frequently receive patients that are not happy with the quality of their smiles. Unfortunately, there is a whole suite of factors that can degrade oral esthetics in Colorado Springs; too many to avoid over the duration of a lifetime! Thankfully, for every imperfection, there is a cosmetic treatment or solution that can restore the youthful and healthy appearance of one’s celebrity smile!

Colorado Dentist: Addressing Tooth Discoloration

Stained and discolored teeth contribute immensely to poor oral esthetics in Colorado Springs and naturally occur as a result of repeated exposure to foods and drinks that contain dyes or tannins. Tea, coffee and red wine are notorious teeth staining offenders, as is nicotine from tobacco smoking. Having said this, not all non-smokers make it to their late adulthood with perfect pearly whites! Poor oral esthetics in Colorado Springs and discolored teeth is sometimes caused by certain medications, your genetic heritage, tooth decay, poor oral hygiene and the natural aging process. Regular visits with Colorado dentists and a thorough oral hygiene routine is, in the long term, the best way to prevent the toll of the years reflecting in the hue of your pearly whites. In the short term, a teeth whitening treatment offers a quick, effective and inexpensive option to improve upon your oral esthetics in Colorado Springs.

Colorado Dentists: Addressing Chipped, Cracked and Missing Teeth

Another nail in the coffin of your smile esthetics in Colorado Springs, as it were, is chipped, cracked and missing teeth. It only takes a single missing or damaged tooth to completely distract your audience from the rest of your beautiful healthy smile. Unfortunately, too, teeth can become irreparably damaged or go missing altogether for a whole number of reasons, including accidental trauma, decay and gum disease. If porcelain veneers (wafer-thin shells of ceramic material that are bonded to the surface of each tooth) are not enough to camouflage cracks, chips, discoloration and other, more severe imperfections, then dental crowns and implants provide a fantastic alternative to restoring your smile esthetics in Colorado Springs.

Restoring Smile Esthetics in Colorado Springs: Dental Implants

Dental implants are truly a wonder technology and the best possible solution Colorado dentists have to offer patients presenting with single and multiple missing teeth. Not only do they replace the entire tooth from the root to the crown, but they function, feel and look just like the natural healthy tooth they are replacing (before it became decayed or damaged, of course!) So, if your oral esthetics in Colorado Springs has been severely compromised by that tooth you lost during a football game or to a pesky olive pit in your margarita, then dental implants offer comprehensive solutions! Remember, great smile esthetics in Colorado Springs is the key to one’s self-confidence and long term oral health.