Thursday, June 23, 2011

About Dental Implants in Colorado Springs

This article explores what dental implants are, how they work thanks to osseointegration and how they can benefit patients requiring a tooth or teeth replacement.

Dental Implants in Colorado Springs: An Overview

Here today, gone tomorrow. Sometimes a tooth can become so damaged or decayed that no intervention or amount of restoration by the Pueblo dentist can save it. It could have been a bad accident, or years of decay… either way, you are facing the probability of a severely compromised smile! Thankfully, dental implants in Colorado Springs offer people of all ages a fantastic tooth replacement solution. And here’s how this incredible technology works…

Dental Implants in Colorado Springs: What are they?

Dental implants in Colorado Springs are the ingenious devices used to replace single and multiple missing teeth, from the roots to the crowns. And it is this that makes them different – and far more advantageous – to other traditional tooth replacement techniques, such as dental bridges or dentures. A dental implant consists of an artificial tooth root constructed of the exceptionally strong, lightweight and non-corrodible metal titanium. To the top of this base screw, the Pueblo dentist places an aesthetic and functional tooth crown that has been fabricated from high quality and durable ceramic material to be virtually indistinguishable from a natural healthy tooth. By replacing the missing tooth crown, dental implants in Colorado Springs are able to restore bite functionality and smile aesthetics. By replacing the missing tooth root, dental implants ensure that the underlying bone tissue remains vital and healthy.

Dental Implants in Colorado Springs and Osseointegration

The success of dental implants is owed almost entirely to the unique ability of titanium to form a strong biological bond with jaw bone tissue; the process termed ‘osseointegration’. No other metal in the periodic table meets the stringent requirements for a tooth replacement solution. Titanium is:
- Exceptionally strong, enabling it to assume the function of a tooth root while lasting 20 and even 30 years, if placed by a qualified and experienced Pueblo dentist.
- Non-corrosive and so it won’t oxidize (rust) or weaken over time.
- Lightweight and this is most beneficial to you, the patient!
- Non-toxic and completely stable: In other words, titanium is a completely safe element to have in the mouth for decades.

The Benefits of Dental Implants in Colorado Springs

This wonderful technology enables the Pueblo dentist to provide patients with a tooth replacement solution that functions like a natural healthy tooth; is aesthetically-pleasing and can last up to 30 years! Dental implants in Colorado Springs also prevent infection from attacking the tooth socket left bare while promoting blood circulation to the underlying jaw bone tissue; keeping it alive and healthy. So, if you have lost one or more of your pearly whites to physical trauma or decay, it is imperative that you seek the immediate attention of the Pueblo dentist. Tooth loss left untreated can result in far more serious, invasive and expensive procedures in the future. For your short and long term oral health and smile aesthetics, dental implants in Colorado Springs afford fantastic solutions.