Monday, May 23, 2011

Ask The Dentist In Pueblo: The Cheapest Way To Fix An Oral Complaint

Many people would prefer to ignore an oral ailment – in the effort to save money - rather than have it treated. Ironically, at the end of the day, patients have to pay exponentially more than if they sought treatment in the first place.

The dentist in Pueblo, with all his cutting-edge healthcare techniques and technology, is incredible in his ability to treat all manner of oral afflictions and ailments. People who have previously not had a single original adult tooth left in their mouth are now able to walk away from the dentist in Pueblo with a full set of permanent, functional and beautiful pearly whites in as little as a single day! Yet, in spite of the advanced state of medical healthcare and technology, there is one concern that for some represents an insurmountable obstacle: the cost. The restorative techniques and treatments that are designed to replace missing teeth, be it one or all of them, are notoriously expensive with the result that people would rather ignore an oral ailment than have it treated by the dentist in Pueblo ( If you can honestly admit that you have ever strategically side-stepped an appointment, then perhaps it is time you knew about the Great Dental Paradox.

Tick ($100)… tick ($1,000)… tick ($10,000)… TOCK!

The dentist in Pueblo may look like a fairly innocuous fellow with his neat hair, neat fingernails and polite chair-side manner, but MAN does he have some incredible stories to tell! And if there is one thing he knows about dental treatment and the common stealthy avoidance thereof, it’s that what patients end up paying becomes exponentially higher – in cost, convenience and recovery time - the longer you leave an oral ailment untreated! For example, a simple cavity in the tooth causing sensitivity can easily and quite inexpensively be remedied by the dentist in Pueblo (tick… $100). However, if left untreated, bacteria can penetrate into the very heart of the tooth, where the delicate collection of blood vessels and nerves are housed. Once decay sets in, the previously ignored cavity goes from a minor to a major oral complaint! Now you are facing the need for an endodontist and possible root canal therapy (tick.. $1,000). However, should this intervention be unsuccessful, you could face losing the tooth entirely! Then of course, you are considering the need for a dental implant or bridge to fill in the gap left by the missing tooth (tick…$10,000).

All of the money, time, inconvenience and discomfort associated with these invasive procedures could have been saved simply by seeking treatment from the dentist in Pueblo in the first place. And this is the Great Paradox of patient psychology. You think that by avoiding an oral ailment – by hoping it will go away – you are saving money. Instead you are costing yourself a great deal more. This example doesn’t even explore the realm of tooth loss and the terrible ramifications incurred by ignoring it; but the dentist in Pueblo can assure you that there are consequences such as ‘jaw bone atrophy’, ‘dental arch destabilization’ and ‘gum disease’ involved. Things you never want to have to face.

In Conclusion…

Never ignore an oral ailment or problem. Better yet; go for regular check-ups with the dentist in Pueblo so that you can maintain an excellent standard of oral health and keep your original pearly whites in tip top condition! (

Monday, May 9, 2011

Colorado Springs Dental Implants: From Humble Beginnings to Revolutionary Tooth Replacement Technology

This article provides a sweeping look at the evolution of tooth replacement technology over the years; from rudimentary aesthetic accessories to permanent and functional dental implants.

Colorado Springs dental implants are a marvel of modern medical technology. Not only do they provide an aesthetic tooth replacement that is virtually indistinguishable from any natural healthy tooth, but they also enable patients to eat all the foods they love, but previously couldn’t enjoy with missing teeth. If you have ever lost one or more of your pearly whites, you will find that above all the tooth replacement techniques out there, Colorado Springs dental implants come the most highly recommended by dentists and specialists worth their salt (

Colorado Springs Dental Implants: Ancient Origins and Technological Developments

Archaeological evidence has revealed that the concept behind Colorado Springs dental implants is not a new one. Ancient civilizations all had their versions of tooth replacements that ranged from rudimentary implants crafted from ivory, bone and shell to precious metals, as well as the teeth of people that had passed on! Of course, the discovery that was to revolutionize the field of teeth replacement was a few thousand years away from being unearthed, but these crude implements did comprise of a rather snazzy aesthetic solution. Then, in 1951, Swedish orthopedic surgeon Professor Per-Ingvar BrÃ¥nemark accidentally stumbled across the unique ability of titanium to form a strong bond with bone tissue. During one of his clinical experiments, he found that this exceptionally strong, non-corrosive and lightweight metal was capable of biologically fusing with living bone tissue. This process – referred to as ‘osseointegration’ – was to give birth to the field of implantology and orthopedic surgery using titanium to repair and replace bones and joints in the human body!

Colorado Springs Dental Implants: Modern Day Solutions

Up until this monumental discovery, dentists had tried in vain to find an element or compound that could remain permanently fixed in the mouth. Subsequent decades saw the refinement of the techniques used in the placement of Colorado Springs dental implants and now… they are able to work as a comprehensive and long term tooth replacement solution! The primary reason behind the success of Colorado Springs dental implants is their ability to remain ‘permanently’ in place. The fabrication of the base implant post from titanium enables the entire tooth replacement structure to fuse with the underlying bone tissue. Once osseointegration has taken place, Colorado Springs dental implants are able to function and feel just like natural healthy teeth. Furthermore, the stimulation they provide the underlying jaw bone - through the mechanical forces associated with chewing and grinding - works to maintain a strong and healthy blood flow to the jaw. This prevents the hard tissue from atrophying as is often the case with missing teeth that go without replacement.

Colorado Springs Dental Implants for Tooth Replacement

Massive technological developments and the ceaseless advancements in medical healthcare have enabled modern day dentists to use Colorado Springs dental implants to provide a long term, functional and aesthetic solution to single and multiple missing teeth. Even patients presenting with edentulism (not having any teeth left) are able to get a full set of stunning pearly whites using this revolutionary technology (

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Advancing the art and science of Implant dentistry

To be known as the leader in providing the best esthetics, reconstructive and implant dentistry in Southern Colorado (Colorado Springs and Pueblo areas).  When you think of the best in dentistry, you think of Prestige Dental Centers of Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

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